Edi believes that all children are unique no matter what their challenges or gifts are. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the individual profile and developmental capacities of each child to know how to best support them and their parents. Therapeutic focus is first placed on regulation, engagement, internal organization and processing before trying to facilitate skill development. Using play and the child’s intention as the central tenet of therapy, sensory motor processing can be addressed while sharing opportunities for strengthening social emotional development.

In addition to the developmental, individualized and relationship-based approach (DIR®) Edi emphasizes that the focus on any modality be functional. That means that what is done in a therapy session is something that can be carried out in the home, school, or community. Therapeutic activities are meaningful, fun, engaging, and whenever possible, include a social emotional component. When the child experiences achievable, functional activities they experience success.

Advocate and Educate
Advocacy and education are a significant part of therapeutic intervention. Because many of our children struggle with various areas of development, it is imperative that we champion their strengths.

My philosophy balances an approach of advocation and education, function, and the individual.